Another evening rolls around, and you’re contemplating between getting up for a run or continuing your binge watching marathon. You choose to stay in the comforts of your home. Does this sound familiar to you? You have every intention to work out but somehow it just doesn’t happen. Today is always not the right time, tomorrow is always ideal.

Here are some smart ways to help you stick to your fitness routine:

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1. Set A Clear Goal

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One way to help you stick to your fitness commitment is by listing down your goals. Get a pen and paper and set reasonable objectives that incorporate clear turning points. As you move closer towards your objective, you will slowly discover a gradual expansion of influence which happens and things slowly fall in place.

Your listed objectives could be as simple as fitting into a swimwear in two months before your upcoming beach getaway. Whatever your goal may be, define it clearly by writing it down and always visit it daily to make sure you’re doing something to stay on track.

Ensure your goals and objectives are sensible and that you can adjust your life around meeting each goal or objective day by day.

2. Schedule a Regular Workout Time

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A good way to makes sure you meet your fitness goal is to schedule a regular workout routine for the week. You can start with half an hour each day. It’s easy to stay in bed, but the real initiative you can do for yourself is to set an alarm to get up a few hours earlier before you head to work, just for your daily routine. By taking this small step each day, you will eventually turn it into a habit. Then you’ll start to notice that you have more energy for the entire day compared to when you do not workout.

Avoid planning for workouts after work hours or classes. The chances of your fitness plans getting a raincheck is usually higher, as you may be too tired after a long day at work, or may have last-minute errands to run.

Organise yourself by writing down your fitness routine for each day of the week in your planner. This helps you keep track of what needs to be covered for the week. If the conventional pen-and-diary combination does not work for you, try daily reminder apps on your phone to help you keep track.

3. Commit To The First 10 Minutes

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Have you noticed that you often feel a lot better after just a few minutes into your workout? You may think 10 minutes sounds like it won’t be enough to help accomplish your goals, telling yourself to go the extra mile for just 10 minutes helps you to actually go the distance once you’re up and moving.

As we get warmed up, our blood flow to each of our muscles increases and our temperature starts to rise. This means that after the few short minutes, your workout will likely start to feel a lot easier. If you feel 10 minutes is still really a challenge? Then you’ve got an excellent start for tomorrow’s workout!

4. Switch Up Workouts for Fun and Variety 

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Don’t get stuck in a rut if you feel boredom setting in. We constantly need change and variety to stay motivated and keep things fresh.

Occasionally add fun activities that you would look forward to doing as your workout of the day. For example, rather than running the same trail, why not switch it up by running a different trail at a different location every week? Or perhaps do a new work out you’ve been meaning to try. Plan your activities around a variety of exercises.

Having a variety of workouts helps to challenge your body in unique ways!

5. Find a Fitness Tribe

Find a friend who shares the same interest for fitness as you do. It’s effortless to hit the snooze button on your alarm if you planned on a morning run on your own, but it’s harder to snooze if you have someone waiting to run with you.

One way to get started is through online fitness communities on social networking sites, or through fitness apps that work on group activities like the AIA Vitality app, a science-backed health program that empowers you to live healthier. Here’s how you can find motivation through your community on AIA Vitality:

• Keeps track of your health and fitness progress

• Provides different tiers of rewards for different levels of achievement

• Helps you connect with and form a social community with peers who are on the app while seeing each other’s progress

Set one clear goal, put it down on your calendar and have some fun! Building a habit of fitness and healthy living is not an overnight process but an ongoing one. Stay inspired with each small change you experience and don’t stop improving on yourself!